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BUDGET - $175 per day.  Most cruises are 2 days, with a cap of $350 ($525 for a 3-day cruise).  Please keep your receipts and stay under budget. 

Note: If you are having a special event that requires additional funds, it must be approved prior to your cruise.  There may be additional amenities at the marina that require rental fees, such as BBQ, tent or room charges. These fees are separate from your cruise budget.

CRUISE FLYER - Please create a Cruise Flyer to share the details of your cruise.  Include fun planned, meals, your contact info, and any information the cruise attendees need to know or to bring.  Generally, we ask attendees to bring their own plate/utensils to meals.

DOCK PLAN - Some marinas take reservations directly from attendees and assign slips.  Other marinas will block off a section of slips and ask the cruise host to make the slip assignments (dock plan).  The signup sheet should include LOA, beam, and preferred tie.    Plan to communicate with attendees as they approach the marina using VHF Channel 68.

FYC CLUB SUPPLIES - Host brings the FYC Banner, the AED, and the coffee maker.  Please be sure to pass on to the next cruise host.

ATTENDANCE/RECEIPTS - Please turn in your final attendance to the Secretary, including who arrived by vessel or by car.  Turn in your cruise receipts to the Treasurer within a week for reimbursement.

CRUISE FOLLOW-UP AND PICTURES - Write a short blurb to recap your cruise for our members.  Photos are encouraged! Email to the Board, Wavemaker editor, and webmaster, and share your report at the monthly club meeting.

Hosting a Cruise?  Here are some tips for success!!

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